Bridal Spa Treatments

Bridal Spa Treatments

Radiant Skin is as important if not more, than the wedding gown so start preparing ahead of time. Exercise, eat right, rest and take care of skin impurities like Spider veins, Blemishes, Sunspots, Cellulite and more.

Comprehensive care at Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa:

Skin Care: Even out pigmentation, Blemishes, Rosacea with Medical Grade organic Skin Care by Dr. Roxana Kerns: Bridal package includes Radiant C cream, Cleanser specific to your needs and SPF. $140

Facials: Bridesmaids purifying Facial, Bridal Oxygenating Marine Facial, Groom Refreshing Organic Facial $125

Vein treatment: Laser away spider veins and Rosacea before you get it captured on the wedding Day. $250

Body Slim: Shape up arms, hips, abdomen to impress in a fabulous wedding dress $299

Cellulite: if you plan to show legs and get them Cellulite Free with 3 sessions of Ultrasound Cavitation. $399

Energy Boost: Weddings can be tiresome to plan, let us help improve your energy level with Vitamin B12 shots. $135 three sessions

Ideal Lips: choose your Ideal Lip Shape with Dr. Kerns and impress in your wedding photos without any need for lipstick. $850

Wrinkle control: shake away few wrinkles just enough to look refreshed for the biggest event of your lifetime! $350

Relaxing Body Massage: Relaxing body strokes will easy up tension and get you in shape for a long weekend with your loved ones. $85

Dr. Roxana Kerns Board Certified Aesthetic Physician

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