Hair Regrowth

Hair regrowth with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has gained a lot of attention lately.


As established by THE INTERNATIONAL HAIR RESEARCH FOUNDATION, growth factors from horse colostrum showed a positive response and hope in the therapy of CICATRICEAL ALOPECIA, scalp inflammatory lesions due to LICHEN PLANOPILARIS and DISCOID LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS.

Same studies conducted in vivo and in vitro evaluated how growth factors control the anagen phase of hair bulbs during HAIR TRANSPLANTATION, in the therapy of ALOPECIA AREATA and ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA.

The Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP), performed for hair regrowth in association with hair transplantation was shown to preserve the bulbs during transplantation, improve healing time at the donor site, stimulate regrowth of the transplanted hair and prevent hair loss in the aftermath of transplantation.

The mechanism of action of growth factors in PRP have been researched extensively and are by now very well established.

HAIR REGROWTH WITH PLATELET RICH PLASMA now available for androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, cicatricial alopecia.

Based on scientific clinical research Growth Factors in PRP can control the anagen phase of hair bulbs and induce regrowth.

HAIR REGROWTH SERUM in Dr. Kerns skin care line is a 3 step system for hair regrowth, consisting of a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner which work together to prepare the scalp for the Rapid Growth Serum. Visible results can be seen within 30 days of use. 

The technique is safe, and relies on platelets activation and release of growth factors contained in the alpha granules like: IGF1, PDGF, FGFB, EGF, VEGF; once released, the growth factors send chemotactic signals that promote healing and help an inflammatory process already started. There are 3 phases of the inflammatory process : Inflammation, proliferation and remodeling. In the first phase growth factors are being released , second phase has a duration of weeks and remodeling is characterized by collagen maturation and reorganization that can take up to one year.

Following subcutaneous injections of growth factors in PRP, they interact with the basal cells like fibroblast, endothelial cells, and stem cells. PRP growth factors never enter the cell, are not mutagenic, and act through normal healing stimulation.

Clinical research established that at least 50% improvement with one treatment of PRP is warranted before performing a second treatment ussually at one month interval .

Alpha granules also contain serotonin a pain mediator which can explain the benefits of PRP injections in relieving inflammatory pain.


Is a common autoimmune condition, causing inflammation-induced hair loss.

PRP has emerged as a new treatment modality and scientific research found that PRP increases hair regrowth while decreases hair dystrophy and burning or itching sensation.

The British Journal Of Dermatology displays articles from the International Research Hair Foundation in which 60% of the patients under examination showed major improvement in AA lesions after one or multiple treatments with PRP.

In addition to its proliferation promoting effects, PRP is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent by suppressing Cytokine release and limiting local tissue inflammation. As AA major lesion is extensive inflammatory infiltrate , it is suggested the anti-inflammatory properties of PRP are responsible for the beneficial results with this treatment.


Dr. Roxana Kerns Board Certified Aesthetic Physician

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