How you know your doctor is a Botox specialist?

Botox Cosmetic is a widespread treatment to cure and prevent wrinkles and the customer’s despair to get “ it” for a fraction of the price, coupled with the excitement of business owners to get a hold of it, led to the mushroom effect of Walk in Botox clinics.  Take Alchemy 43: it’s the Future Drybar salon for Botox. Even though the staff are all licensed medical professionals–either registered nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants, can we entrust our face and body health to a fast paced Botox Cosmetic injecting clinic? I read an article which claims” In many ways, they ( staff at Alchemy 43) are more experienced than MDs in that this is their sole practice, whereas dermatologists and plastic surgeons might only perform a few a week”. 

That might be correct but Botox Cosmetic is a medical treatment and should be administered in a medical facility fully equipped. Red velvet and champagne won’t provide life support in case of respiratory deficiency or cardio respiratory collapse. Are the staff providing the “ quick Botox injections” also ready and certified to provide support in case of complications or Botox going the bad way? 

Medicine and business are not the best friends and while Cosmetic industry is on the rise so are the Cosmetic disasters.  

How do you know your doctor is a Botox specialist? Experience and formal training in Botox Cosmetic or Dysport or Xeomin is a good start. The aptitude to understand the limitations of Botox Cosmetic and very careful selection of patients makes a professional stand out among injectors.  

Being a trainer for Botox Cosmetic I came across a variety of professionals willing to learn the ins and out of Botox Cosmetic. Medical assistants to Board Certified Physicians. While the hands on ability and dexterity to precisely administer Botox Cosmetic really distinguishes a great Botox Cosmetic injector, the in depth knowledge of the action at molecular level and potential to modulate complications or spring back to life “paralyzed“ tissues is what really defines a Botox specialist.  

And last but not least your nurse, physician assistant or MD should be able to understand WHY you a seeking the treatment and treat you according to state standards and your expectations. 



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Dr. Roxana Kerns Board Certified Aesthetic Physician

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