Longmi Lashes

Longmi lashes are Eyelash extensions, used as a natural method of creating thicker, fuller lashes instantly. Longmi Eyelash extensions are applied individually in order to create a look that is natural and that works for you! With LongMi Lashes extensions you can choose the length, thickness, curve, and fullness in order to create a customizable look for yourself.
False lashes and eyelash extensions are different because false lashes are not meant to be semi-permanent and long-lasting. Fake lashes are temporary and aren't supposed to be worn in the shower, when sleeping, or swimming. The glue that is used to adhere it to the lash line isn't long lasting. This is a process that has to be done daily if one applies false lashes. Longmi Lashes are waterproof and are applied to each natural lash. The lashes fall out on their own, not all at once, and can last anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks sometimes longer.

Longmi Lashes extensions don’t need mascara since they give the appearance of a thicker, fuller lash line. Makeup can be applied regularly and daily activities can resume instantly post-treatment. However, keep oil-based products away from the adhesive or it'll lessen the longevity of the lashes adhesive. If irritation occurs, itchiness or discomfort, the lashes can be removed and reapplied with hypoallergenic adhesive.
Alina Murar is a professional trained in eyelash extension applications. Alina uses the brand LongMi Lashes to create a natural, dramatic and youthful look. Long Mi Lashes are widely known amongst celebrities.



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Dr. Roxana Kerns Board Certified Aesthetic Physician

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