Vampire Facelift Redefined

Combining infrared technology with crystals of hydroxyapatite and PRP, Dr. Roxana Kens is able to restore firmness, volume loss and correct skin laxity without Any Downtime! Heat induced collagen synthesis prepares dermis for a volumizing treatment with Radiesse, followed by PRP micro needling. The radiesse and platelet rich Plasma combination gives better longevity than hyaluronic acids customary used in the traditional Vampire Facelift. Radiesse is both a volumizing and a promoter of collagen, therefore when the initial immediate effects of the crystals of hydroxyapatite are gone , the new collagen deposited in the injected site offers long lasting results. The Vampire Facelift redefined by Dr. Kerns is the newest and most innovative aesthetic treatment that brings together simplicity, immediate results and patient satisfaction. PRP perfects this treatment with its stem cells powers that transcend layers of skin to a continuous cell renewal. Minimal home care is recommended after this treatment. Sun protection, no facial massage for a week and no skin treatments for few weeks following.

Still hooked  to the traditional Vampire Facelift ? meet Corina Ianculovici , on December 17 th she brings to Orchid Aesthetics her proficiency and long standing certification in Vampire Facelift and Thread Lift. She was one of the first medical professionals to introduce these procedures academically and for medical cosmetic applications. 
Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatology and Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine Practitioner Corina Ianculovici is an international Expert Injector Trainer, researcher, and faculty fellow of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association and the Aesthetic Medicine Academy.


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Dr. Roxana Kerns Board Certified Aesthetic Physician

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