Facial and Body Treatments


Facial and Body Treatments

Medical Skin Spa for Your Body
Lose inches at this Medical Skin Spa with non-invasive body contouring techniques that shrink fat in just a few sessions.Non Surgical Body Contouring offered by Orchid Aesthetics Medical Skin Spa is a comprehensive program inclusive of:

  • Nutrition: Physician supervised metabolic analysis, weekly coaching and personalized diet modification
  • Lipotropic B12 injections: combination of B12 vitamin with lipotropic aminoacids that melt the fat faster and help you lose inches
  • VibraSlim: a platform that increases lymphatic drainage of fatty acids and tonifies muscles
  • Ultrasound Cavitation: Ultrasound waves penetrate into deep skin and under to shrink fat cells, release fatty acids and help you loose inches from your belly, thighs or arms; a non invasive liposuction that ensures fat loss, is painless and FDA approved. Compared to Cool Laser, Smart Lipo and other surgical interventions Dr. Roxana Kerns developed a program that is pain free, does not leave any scars and keeps you comfortable at all times.
  • Marine Body Wrap with red algae and green coffee extracts to promote circulation, tone skin improve elasticity, fight cellulite and slim curves or contour shapes to perfection.

Medical Skin Spa for Your Face
The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation – $399
Deep cleansing and exfoliation with medical grade microsphere beads and incorporated fruit/green tea extracts is followed by a cosmetic acupuncture facelift: very thin professional, single use acupuncture needles are precisely placed into your dermis to enhance your natural collagen, reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity and firmness. A powerful radio frequency lifting treatment, followed by marine oxygen mask with 5 types of algae to calm inflammatory redness and protect against stress oxidants and facial massage completes your Ultimate facial rejuvenation. An amazing medical skin spa experience where you tone, relax and balance your energy level all in one.

Laser Rejuvenation and Firming Facial – $950
A true Facelift before special events: we clean and hydrate the face first, and perform a laser rejuvenation treatment which strengthens and firms the collagen with powerful lifting effects. We than exfoliate the skin, and perform a powerful radio frequency lifting treatment, facial massage along with applying a firming mask. A Non Surgical Facelift along with a medical skin spa treatment.

IPL and Marine/Collagen Facial – $499
We begin by cleansing and exfoliating the face. We than rejuvenate the skin by performing a laser IPL photofacial, and complete the treatment with a 20 minute facial massage and Collagen mask.

Terre Mer Organic Facial – $185
Instant beauty results with this organic aquatic facial where essential oil concentrates hydrate, and nourish the skin to a radiant complexion. 100% organic, after 1 treatment you’ll feel and look few years younger, your complexion will glow.

Exceptional Eye Treatment – $85
A non-surgical eye lift with anti puffiness eye mask and lymphatic massage to a bright youthful eye look. Corrects dark circles, wrinkles and improves elasticity. Add Botox Cosmetic $245 Add Cosmetic Acupuncture Eye Lift $185 ( fine intradermal needles will stimulate collagen improving wrinkles and droopy eyelids)

Marine Firming Treatment – $165
This expert Marine firming treatment, improves the collagen texture of the skin and fights effectively against sagging skin. With algae extracts and medical grade peptide concentrate for a deep collagen rejuvenation.

Oxygenating Marine Vitality Facial – $170
For sluggish, dull stressed skin affected by internal and external pollution. With complex oxygen infusion blast by ImageDerm, oxygen foam and oxygen enriched mask; fight oxidative stress, revive and brighten skin texture.

Thalgodermyl Acne Facial – $195
Deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by intensive treatment with Marine Controlamine antibacterial serum from algae( controls sebum , moisturizes, cleans pores) and Glycolic acid/Benzoyl Peroxide mask( exfoliates acne and treats) or Pepermint/Sulfur and Oxygenating marine mask( calming treats redness and inflammatory response associated with acne ) to an instant improvement of your acne followed by Marine vitamins infusion to hydrate and revitalize your skin.

Chemical peels and Microdermabrasion speed up the natural turnover and help the skin exfoliate; treat sun damaged skin, acne, wrinkles, large pores or pigmentation problems. From $150 Orchid Aesthetics Medical Skin Spa relies on Dr. Kerns Skin Care line made of RX prescription ingredients and Thalgo botanical nutrients and marine algae, 100% organic and natural. The line is unique to correct the most difficult hyper-pigmentation of the skin and dark circles under the eyes in less than 3 months.

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